Living in Australia

post thumbnail Use a Grant to Help Buy Your First House in Australia

The Australian Government is giving new residents thousands of dollars towards buying a first home in Australia.

post thumbnail Australia needs over 100,000 Skilled People - Find a Job

If you want to become one of the 100,000 plus skilled people making a new life in Australia next year, getting a job is a good start.

post thumbnail Wages in Australia

Australian workers enjoy some of the highest average wages in the world.

post thumbnail Australia's Immigrant Population Grows

5.5 million people born overseas have made a new life in Australia. The proportion of migrants living in Australia is the highest since federation.

post thumbnail The Big Cities of Australia

A quick summary of the differences between Australia's major cities, to help you choose which city is right for you.

post thumbnail Buying a Car in Australia

Many aspects of car buying are the same in Australia as you might expect, but watch out for some surprises, including taxes.